Upcycling Livestock Waste by Latest


With our patented process and proprietary formulas, we can convert any livestock wastes and agricultural production wastes into 100% bio secure feed or bio secure fertilizer.  We can upcycle all your livestock wastes at your site with our portable plant including but not limited to manure, feed wastes and spoilage, and mortalities (including diseased animals).

For very large waste generators we can build a permanent facility at your farm.

Normally, most livestock producers have need for the feed and/or fertilizer we upcycle the wastes into.  In that instance we provide them back to the producer in the specific analysis they desire at a significantly reduced cost of disposal compared to what the same feed or fertilizer would typically cost.

Because our end products are 100% bio secure, we can dispose of 100% of your biodegradable waste, if desired, at no additional cost to you!